A statement that briefly outlines some things (a work very much in progress)

I feel:

  • A love for learning in public; learning through doing, and visual research
  • An understanding that alternative channels for communication and knowledge sharing such as zines, self-filmed and edited videos and internet communities are incredibly subversive and inherently political in this neo-liberal, “post-capitalist” age / “Control Society”
  • A fondness for the subcultures and sub-cultural practices that employ amateur and anti-authoritarian ideologies, ultimately appropriating and utilizing these specific aesthetic practices and do-it-yourself methods in visual experiments and learning projects.
  • An appreciation for craft in all its forms, in its distinct and intermingling boundaries. An appreciation of fiber craft and print media as categories of making that facilitate exchange, have the ability to tell stories via didactic and not-so-didactic means, can express manifold aspects of cultural identities, and occupy countless categorizations of expert and or amateur distinctions.

And therefore, I aim to:

  • Stretch the limitations of artistic & craft legitimacy
  • Subversively toe the line between amateur and expert, understanding that the interplay between the two is what creates ingenuity in art, craft & culture and also that these two camps are never truly distinct
  • Play with imagery that is appropriated from or tries to capture these moments


Molly Berkson is multi-disciplinary artist from Chicago, IL.